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On Vintage Textiles...
I love using vintage fabric, embroidered linens and crochet pieces giving them a new purpose in life rather than sitting in a basket at an antique flea market or stashed away in a closet or cedar chest. Afterall, our mothers, grandmothers and great aunts put their heart and soul into working the crochet and embroidery stitches, stitch by stitch and I'm sure they would love knowing their hard work was being enjoyed once again!
Occasionally these vintage pieces might have small flaws or staining and I do my best to work around them covering those areas ... sometimes I might just leave them so as not to take away from the design of the handiwork. I always disclose any such flaws or stains within my item description. 
I handwash every vintage piece I buy (and usually line dry) before my reconstruction begins. I recommend the same care be taken by you to keep your "old vintage remake" looking  "new".

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