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Tallulah Sophie Custom Flower Fairy Doll ... made to order
Tallulah Sophie Custom Flower Fairy Doll ... made to order

a doll made just for you!
We can work together to come up with your very own special flower fairy doll ... so many flowers ... so many possibilities! Every doll I make is a one of a kind so you can be sure that your doll will be an original and never duplicated.

These pictures are examples of dolls I have already made and sold, and will not be copied.

general details...

each doll will have an all cotton body firmly stuffed with polyfil

interfaced petals that stand on her head

buttons for her eyes that are securely sewn in place and handstitched details on her face

...and a fairy just isnt a fairy unless she has wings!

her wings are padded with a cotton batting then stitched to add texture

depending on the type of flower petal hair, most dolls stand approx 17 inches tall from the top of the flower petals to the tip of her toes!

All unique and collectible ... soft and huggable!

*** please note: although buttons have been securely sewn in place, this item is more of a collectible doll and not intended to be used as a toy for young children.

******** any questions about a potential doll? just email and we can discuss it!


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